Bodensaure Eichenwälder
mit Mooren und Heiden

Drevenacker Dünen (DE-4306-301)

On the north-eastern edge of Wesel, we find one of the largest dune systems along the River Lippe: Drevenacker Dünen. The almost 300 ha Natura2000 site can be subdivided into four sub-sites:: Aaper Vennekes, Pliesterbergsche Sohlen, Sternenberge and Lippealtarm Obrighoven. The latter, however, is not part of the project area.

The heterogeneous site is characterised by woods, heath moors, dry and wet heaths, neglected sand grassland and fields of whitish hair-grass. The woods are mainly pine woods, but on about 40 ha there are also acidophilous oak woods. Almost 7 ha of well-preserved neglected sand grassland are particularly noteworthy. Lullula arborea and Coronella austriaca are two important keystone species.

While the Drevenacker Dünen can be accessed on the odd path, there is no designated circular one, but this is to be changed in the course of the project. If you want to discover the site now, you will find access at various points on RWE-Straße in Wesel-Wittenberg.

For further information on the Drevenacker Dünen, please consult the Natura2000-Document and the eponymous nature reserve description.


Life10 NAT/DE/009 / Life-Projekt Bodensaure Eichenwälder mit Mooren und Heiden nach oben