Bodensaure Eichenwälder
mit Mooren und Heiden

Project sites

The project is located in the large forest systems along the River Rhine and River Lippe, where we find a total of 6 Natura2000 sites with a surface area of almost 1,800 ha.

On the right bank of the River Rhine, about 3km north of Hansestadt Wesel, we find the Diersfordt-Wittenhorster Dünen. Its about 1,500 ha of woods form one of the largest forest systems on the northern Lower Rhine. It comprises three Natura2000 sites neighbouring each other: “Großes Veen“ (DE-4205-301), “Diersfordter Wald /Schnepfenberg“ (DE-4205-302) and “Schwarzes Wasser“ (DE-4305-304). These three European reserves together form the “Diersfordter Wald“ national nature reserve

The other three Natura2000 sites are to the north and south of the River Lippe. On the edge of the city of Wesel, we find the Drevenacker Dünen (DE-4306-301). The Kaninchenberge (DE-4305-303) are about 2.5 km away, as the crow flies and on the opposite bank of the River Lippe. The last site, Lippeaue near Schermbeck (DE-4305-302, official name: “NSG Lippeaue bei Damm u. Bricht und NSG Loosenberge” (only a part of it) extends to the eastern edge of Kreis Wesel.

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