Bodensaure Eichenwälder
mit Mooren und Heiden


Until 2016, a total of 16 measures is to be implemented to conserve the European natural heritage. Some of them are simple and will not take much time, others will take years. In the following, you will find the measures already having been implemented or currently being implemented. If you visit our Website on a regular basis, you will always be up-to-date.

We want to invite you to follow in our footsteps. The above-mentioned measures aside, we want to promote the European natural heritage, inform about it and make people share in it. This Website is one of many components. Why not read our newsletter, visit our exhibition, participate in our events or set out on one of the nature paths (Naturerlebniswege) and explore the sites on your own initiative?!

Life10 NAT/DE/009 / Life-Projekt Bodensaure Eichenwälder mit Mooren und Heiden nach oben