Bodensaure Eichenwälder
mit Mooren und Heiden

22. – 23.09.2016 – Symposium „Realisation of the Life-Project“

For five years the Kreis Wesel Biological Station has cooperated with the Landesbetrieb Wald und Holz (represented by the Regionalforstamt Niederrhein), the Regionalverband Ruhr/Ruhr Grün and the Nordrhein-Westfalenstiftung to further NATURA 2000 and preserve acidophilic oak woods with bogs and heaths in 6 Special Areas of Conservation along the rivers Rhine and the Lippe. The measures implemented range from turning conifer into oak woods and removing neophytes to the restoration bogs and the creation of heath and calcareous grassland.

The two-day symposium will inform about the results and provide an opportunity to exchange experience in general. A morning of presentations covering the theoretical side will be followed by guided tours into various Special Areas of Conservations, explaining the implemented measures on the site.

Date: Sep 22nd to 23rd 2016

Location: Kreishaus Wesel, Reeser Landstr. 31, 46483 Wesel

Registration: Please register by September 8th 2016 via

Cost: 20 , covering food and drinks

Further information including the schedule will be published on this site.

Life10 NAT/DE/009 / Life-Projekt Bodensaure Eichenwälder mit Mooren und Heiden nach oben