Bodensaure Eichenwälder
mit Mooren und Heiden

14.09.2012 – Kick-off event

Klaus Lorenz, chairman of Biologische Station, welcomed more than 80 guests in “Haus Constanze” in Wesel-Diersfordt to the official kick-off event of the Life+ project “Acidophilous oakwoods with moors and heaths”. Among numerous representatives of policy and administration, public authorities and members of nature conservation associations, many local citizens participated in the project presentation.

Dr. Martin Woike, department chief of NRW ministry of environment, emphasised the importance of the project for stag beetle, moor frog, wood lark and common teal amongst others. He pointed out measures ameliorating moors to be beneficial for climate protection – with one hectare of moor buffering about 50 tons of CO2.

Martin Wegner, board member of Kreis Wesel, called the project management´s efforts to include associates and supporters commendable. Peter Bootz, authorized representative of the public services of Wesel, pointed out the tight bond between groundwater protection and nature conservation. The public services maintain several potable water wells within the project area.

Project manager Klaus Kretschmer introduced oak woods, moors and heaths with their keystone species in a presentation. He illustrated, by which means the consevation status of european natural heritage shall be enhanced during the next few years.

The event was accompanied with music played by two musicians of the Hamminkeln music school. Project patron Christoph Koch exhibited some of his latest works of art.

Life10 NAT/DE/009 / Life-Projekt Bodensaure Eichenwälder mit Mooren und Heiden nach oben