Bodensaure Eichenwälder
mit Mooren und Heiden

07.08.2014 – Project at International Conference

This week, the 9th European Conference on Ecological Restoration takes place in Oulu/Finland. From 3rd to 8th of august, experts will share their experience and knowledge of renaturation and restoration measures in natural ecosystems.

On wednesday, the implementation of nature conservation measures within the framework of Life+ will be on scheme. The Life+ project “Acidophilous oak forests with bogs and heaths” will be presented and afterwards be discussed by the audience of experts.

You can find the presentation as well as the poster “Certification and restoration actions in forests – boon or bane” in the download area of this site.

Life10 NAT/DE/009 / Life-Projekt Bodensaure Eichenwälder mit Mooren und Heiden nach oben